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Unfortunately, securing payment from a debtor is not only frustrating and difficult, but it is also sometimes unfruitful. Such non-payable accounts are known as bad debts, and virtually every business has encountered them. Recovering these bad debts is not only extremely difficult, but also quite stressful. A team of professionals skilled in bad collection debt law, like the collection attorneys at Hosto Buchan, however, can provide you with sound advice and excellent legal assistance. Following are the steps to the bad debt collection process:

  • Identify the bad debt: One of the first and most important steps to recovering a bad debt account is identifying bad debt early on. Any attorney who has knowledge in Arkansas, Tennessee and bad debt collection will tell you that the sooner you discover bad debt, the greater your chances are of recovering payment from the account. Look for consumers who fail to make payments or do not make payments according to the terms and conditions of your company.
  • Contact the debtor: Contact the debtor by phone initially and be polite and non-hostile. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the debtor is protected from abusive language and harassment from debt collectors so it is extremely important that you do not harass him or her.
  • Contact an attorney: If after several attempts at debt collectors you are unsuccessful, you should contact a lawyer. While you may feel annoyed and angered by the debtor, you must remain calm and seek legal advice. Collections attorneys who specialize in bad collection debt law can review your situation and offer you sound recommendations on how to proceed in collecting payment from the debtor. If you are in need of experienced legal representation, contact Hosto Buchan as soon as possible.

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Most debt collectors operate through a collection agency and pursue payments on debts owed to businesses and individuals. Acting on behalf of creditors, debt collectors collect debts for a percentage of the amount owed. Some collection agencies even buy debt from creditors and pursue payment on their own. However, collection agencies are incapable of carrying out any form of legal action.

Obtaining payment for a bad debt can be a drawn-out and aggravating process. A tenacious and experienced law firm can work closely with you to efficiently and effectively recover bad debts.

For experienced Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Kentucky debt collectors, contact Hosto Buchan today toll free at 888-352-3980 or use our online email form to receive trustworthy advice from attorneys who are determined to fight for you.


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