Hosto & Buchan Consumer Pledge

Hosto & Buchan, PLLC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, professionalism and respect for consumers with whom we deal. To demonstrate our commitment to conducting business ethically we have developed this pledge.

While the subject matter of collecting debts is not always the most pleasant endeavor for the participants involved, in all that we do, we strive to treat consumers with respect. We engage in dialogue that is respectful and constructive, exploring solutions for consumers that resolve their debt, and we make sure that our employees and attorneys adhere to these same standards.

Pledge 1:  We will contact consumers in a timely and effective manner
At the outset of collection activity, our letters inform the consumer that we are attempting to collect a clearly stated balance, and provide multiple ways for the consumer to contact us to discuss the debt.  If any letter is returned as a bad address, we make reasonable efforts to verify the consumer’s current address, and, if found, send a letter to the new address. All collection letters will identify the creditor who is owed and the current balance owed, along with other identifying information.

Pledge 2:  We only pursue claims which we believe are valid, and will cooperate with consumer’s attempts to address any invalid debt.

(a)  Identity theft:  When there is an allegation of identity theft, we will suspend collection activities while such claim can be investigated.  We will notify our client and relay any proof that is provided by the consumer.  We will wait on notification from our client before making any decision which resumes any collection activity.

(b) Time Barred Debt: We will not pursue any account upon which we have knowledge that the applicable statute of limitations has expired.

(c)  Ownership: We will not pursue claims unless we have a reasonable belief that our client is the rightful owner of the account.  If we receive notice that a bankruptcy has been filed, we will immediately suspend all collection efforts outside the bankruptcy court.

(d) Credit Bureau Dispute:  If there is any credit bureau dispute, we will immediately relay such dispute to our client so that it may be addressed. While many of our clients report to the credit bureaus, we do not.

Pledge 3:  We attempt to resolve accounts for our clients quickly and honestly
Our employees are trained on, and will comply with, all applicable federal and state laws and regulations concerning fair and ethical collection practices.  While we represent our client, we will also listen and work hard to understand the consumers’ situation. We will strive to develop and present payment options (if allowed by our clients) that allow for the effective repayment. We will make efforts to discuss payment options in plain and simple language.  If we make a mistake, we will devote time and effort to resolve it promptly and appropriately. We work hard to learn from any mistakes, and use what we have learned to improve consumers’ overall experience.

Pledge 4: We communicate hardship information to our clients
We notify our clients and await instruction when we receive documentation indicating that the consumer’s only source of income is from exempt sources, such as Social Security or SSI benefits, and that the consumer has access to no other assets. We notify our clients and await their instruction when a consumer shows significant financial hardship due to medical issues. We suspend collection activities on our client’s approval when a consumer is a direct victim of a natural or other catastrophic disaster.

Pledge 5:  We safeguard consumer information

We take all reasonable steps necessary to protect the security and confidentiality of consumer information, defend against anticipated threats, and prevent unauthorized use of that information. We conduct background checks on all prospective employees to help make sure they are trusted with such information.  We maintain a dedicated quality control effort under the supervision of our legal counsel or compliance officer, who will include measures such as call monitoring and recording to ensure proper review of collection practices and procedures.

Pledge 6:   Litigation efforts will be fair and reasonable.
We require that our attorneys litigate in good faith and treat consumers with respect.  We do not pursue litigation or otherwise collect on accounts where we have any reason to believe that our clients are not the rightful owner, or that the debt is not valid.  We only engage process servers who are reputable, licensed, in good standing with applicable regulatory agencies and who conform to all legal requirements concerning the service of process.

The use of the words “we,” “us,” or “our” is meant to apply to Hosto & Buchan or its employees, as required by the context. We will also strive to ensure that our third party service providers, agents, and attorneys adhere to these, or similar, principles. Please understand that Hosto & Buchan, PLLC is a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.



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